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Children's Party Entertainment

Bringing the love of imagination to children of all ages. We offer top-rated entertainment for kid's parties and special events. Watch as our talented entertainers captivate your entire party of kids and see them get all the kids involved in the fun. Our various children's party entertainment services will bring endless smiles to your event!

✭ All Children Party Entertainment Activities Available:

Circus Performance, Face Painting, Arts & Crafts, Dance Party, Karaoke, Costumed Characters, Music, Glow Party, Dress-up, Princess Workshop, Superhero Training, Colorful Parachute, Singing/Nursery Rhymes, Giant Bubbles, Variety Shows, Storytime, Educational Entertainment, and more. *Fire Performance and LED Shows Available*

We offer various games (both indoor and outdoor): Carnival Games, Musical Statues, Simon Says, Limbo, Treasure Hunt, High Energy Dancing Games, and more!

We offer several circus workshops that keep the kids busy, teach them some new cool things, and inspire them to engage in fun and healthy activities afterward. Circus Arts are proven to be both mentally and physically stimulating for children while also building confidence!

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